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Team Building Event

On June 8th, at Aberdeen Art Gallery a strong collective of immigrant and minority women came together in solidarity - 60 women and children from various countries, including Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Germany, China, Republic of Ireland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, US, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Poland, Saudi-Arabia, and Kazakhstan. The women and children interacted and stood by one another. In Aberdeen, we held a miniature United Nations meeting that included participants from many cultural backgrounds and worldviews.

33 nationalities, several faiths, or none at all, a wide range of experiences - there is unity in diversity!

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About us

We are a social enterprise trying to empower minority women. Welcome to our vibrant community organisation dedicated to championing ethnic minority women in Aberdeen. We are a collective of strong, talented women committed to supporting each other's businesses, initiatives, and personal growth.

Our Mission:
We strive to educate, raise awareness, and document experiences that inspire transformative change in policies and attitudes.

Our Vision:
To nurture and elevate individuals from diverse backgrounds by cultivating innovative initiatives and building cultural bridges.

Are you an ethnic minority woman with expertise in business management, start-ups, creative writing, art, law, project management, women's health, empowerment, trauma recovery, or navigating integration barriers? We invite you to share your valuable skills and experiences with our community.

Join us in empowering and inspiring ethnic minority women to succeed!

This short film documenting prejudice and solidarity was made possible through 'The National Lottery Heritage Fund' and the PATH project through GREC.

Our Executive Director Sameera Ahmad's book for immigrant children. 

We hope to showcase Ethnic Minority Women Authors, Artists, Enterprises and stories to advance their initiatives and inspire others.

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Welcome! We are a diverse bunch in Aberdeen. The capital of Europe's energy sector is an amalgamation of different cultures, religions and ethnicities.

I hope you enjoy reading about the stories of some incredible ethnic minority women who left their homes and made a new home in Aberdeen. Their journey to the granite city, and their lived experiences are myriad but weaves a common thread of themes of travelling for work, study, a better life, finding refuge from wars, seeking love and finding a new purpose.

Our Team

Elizabeth Spencer 
Executive director 

Elizabeth started as a volunteer with the PATH project, a collaboration with Grampian Regional Equalities Council, focusing on documenting Prejudice and Solidarity in Aberdeen. She initiated this project following the showcase of her short film at Aberdeen Art Gallery for the 2024 International Women's Day event, in partnership with Aberdeen Interfaith.

With a genuine interest in equity, diversity, and inclusion, she strives to amplify the diverse voices of Aberdeen's ethnic and religious minorities through recorded narratives. 

As a mother to a bi-racial daughter, she is inspired to contribute positively to Aberdeen's community through storytelling, hoping to foster understanding and unity.

Sameera Ahmad

Sameera is a passionate advocate for increased support for domestic abuse survivors, dedicating herself to assisting women who have faced challenging situations.

Her commitment is strong for women of color, striving to bring about meaningful changes in their lives. As a member of the domestic abuse team at Aberdeen City Council, she plays a pivotal role in providing crucial support and resources.

In her community connector roles, Sameera serves as our Muslim community connector and collaborates with GREC, furthering her outreach and impact.

Beyond her advocacy work, Sameera is a published children's author, addressing themes of inclusion and resilience in her books.

Jayashree Venkatraman 
Executive Director 
Community Advocate and Healthcare champion

Dr. Jayashree is a dedicated doctor and an advocate for inclusive policies for ethnic minorities within the NHS.

As our Hindu Community connector in Aberdeen, she bridges cultural gaps and fosters understanding among diverse communities. Her active involvement in the Aberdeen Interfaith and management of events at the Aberdeen Hindu Temple has equipped her with valuable experience in event coordination and community engagement.

Furthermore, Dr. Jayashree's commitment extends to supporting refugees and underrepresented communities, reflecting her resilience and determination to make a difference in promoting diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Simone Coetser 
Social Justice Advocate and Hate-Crime Committee Member

Simone's experiences living through the apartheid era in South Africa have deeply influenced her perspective on life.

Her firsthand accounts of racism and the systemic challenges faced by marginalised women have fueled her passion for advocating for equity.

Now residing in Aberdeen, she actively serves on the hate-crime committee, working to combat discrimination and promote inclusivity. Her commitment to these causes reflects her resilience and determination to make a difference.

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